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Founded in 1982, Meningitis Now is committed to a future “Where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives”.

The charity has three key objectives: to fight to defeat meningitis in the UK within a generation; to reach out to everyone who needs support or information; to be a recognised centre of expertise for aftercare and support.

They invest in vital research to find new vaccines against meningitis, and to improve existing ones. They also provide comprehensive support to victims of the disease and their families. This ranges from emotional support, including bereavement counselling, through to financial support for such essentials as specialist equipment.

Meningitis Now also works to raise awareness of symptoms. Fast action saves lives and greater awareness is key to achieving early intervention.

Finally, the charity campaigns for the introduction of licensed vaccines as soon as they are available in the UK and uses its voice to influence policy, ensuring meningitis victims get the very best care.


As a smaller charity, Get A-Head may not be one of the best-known charities but over the last 26 years it has raised £10m to help individuals and their families suffering from rare head and neck diseases, particularly cancer.

Get A-Head contributes to vital and major research projects that help to save lives and understand rare cancers and diseases, as well as funding vital equipment the NHS is unable to, such as the cyber knife.

In their own words, Get A-Head describe their objective as: To raise funds to directly help improve the quality of life for those patients who suffer from head and neck diseases and their carers. Over the last few years, Get A-Head has funded a range of projects and equipment that have made a real difference to those fighting head and neck disease.

We’ve supported an Accelerated Cancer Drug treatment programme which aims to speed up treatment by matching existing drugs.

We’ve also purchased life-changing equipment for patients who have lost their voice through cancer.